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Medication Synchronization

Fighting off some diseases and disorders, there is a need to take multiple medications at once. The doses, times and medications required can vary greatly, with some patients feeling overwhelmed and finding extremely hard to keep up with everything.

On this page, we are offering an overview of this central issue to resolving health concerns through the correct usage of medication. Further, GolfRoad Pharmacy has developed a specialized program that aims to cater to our clients, resolving most of the struggles in relation to synchronizing your medication.

What is Medication Synchronization?

This term refers to the pharmacists services that allow patients to refill their medications in a way that all will be available at the same time of every month. As non-medical adherence is very common, this service will allow you to never miss a dose and keep track of your meds. In essence, it removes the need to call for distinct medication refills, saves time by cutting down the number of times you will need to visit our pharmacy and offers the opportunity to get informed about your medication on a monthly basis.

How we Conduct Medication Synchronization

  1. First off, you will need to talk to us to let us know that you want to enrol in med sync
  2. Then, our team will review all your review your medical prescriptions and requirements. Based on our review, we will identify the right ways to stick to your doctor’s prescriptions while receiving all your refills on the same day each month
  3. We will always call you a week prior your scheduled visit at GolfRoad Pharmacy, so that you let us know about any changes from your doctor or particular needs for your own prescriptions. Based on that, we will review your medication plan and conduct any necessary changes, prior to creating an all-in-one package for your prescriptions
  4. If you want, you can visit the pharmacy on the scheduled day to pick up your medication. If there are no changes and you have been informed about all the requirements of your prescription, we can also deliver them to you. Same is true for people who cannot travel or reach our local pharmacies, with at home information and details regarding your medication
  5. This process is followed up in a repeated fashion every month, ensuring that your meds are fully synchronized and according to the doctor’s guidelines

Why is this Important?

GolfRoad Pharmacy is a pioneer in Medication Synchronization, falling in line with needs and trends that relate to the health sector as a whole.

First off, prescription drugs offer a paramount value to the healthcare system, that is only possible when they are taken according to the doctor’s guidance and prescription. Programs like ours, that allow medication synchronization serve the above exactly.

As most programs are not standardized, we did research worldwide, to find the best approaches by pharmaceutical groups and we only kept the elements that work to produce an all-inclusive plan for our customers.

Current medical literature shows that medication synchronization improves adherence, medical literacy to patients and overall benefits the healthcare system. Ultimately, this process saves time and improves the health of our patients, which is why we urge you to use this service offered by GolfRoad Pharmacy and get the most out of what we offer.