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Quit Smoking

Smoking cigarettes is the number one cause of preventable death worldwide. Still, despite the sheer amount of data related to smoking implications on health, quitting is particularly hard due to nicotine addiction.

Besides highlighting why smoking is bad for you, we are trying to offer you legit ways to get over this habit, while also listing how this decision could affect your health from day one to twenty years later. Check out the full article below, as it has proven useful to numerous ex-smokers already.

Smoking Health Implications

Before we start exploring the positive outcomes and the ways to stop smoking, it is paramount that we mention some of the diseases and health related problems that are linked to smoking: Cancer, heart disease, lung diseases, stroke, COPD and bronchitis just to mention a few. Further, it increases the likelihood of other problems to appear, like rheumatoid arthritis.

Over sixteen million Americans live with a health-related disease, while for every death that is linked to smoking, thirty more people suffer from related diseases. Second hand smoking is also dangerous, with studies, however, offering less direct causations as to the health implications.

A shift has been evident in the culture around smoking over the past 30 years, with this time being the best to try and get rid of this bad habit to increase your overall well-being.

Ways to Quit Smoking

On the web, there are many tips and tricks to quit smoking. We believe in solutions rather in theory, offering legit ways to stop smoking. First off, we will summarize some of the things that you should impose to yourself to manage this challenge:

  1. Even if you have tried to quit smoking before and failed, it doesn’t have to be this way again; so be positive
  2. Plan ahead and stick to the promises that you made to yourself. Haven’t a rough day shouldn’t be an excuse to just have a quick one
  3. Studies have illustrated that smoking feels and tastes better after certain foods, like meat. Use this knowledge to your advantage, by managing your diet to crave smoking less
  4. Water and juice are also changing the taste of cigarettes to the worst, so if you stick to those drinks, instead of alcohol and coke, you are more likely to succeed
  5. Most people associate cigarettes with certain habits, so you should identify those and change them to avoid cravings
  6. There are several dial services online that help people quit smoking and drugs. You can save their details and reach out if you feel that you want to smoke
  7. Exercise is more likely to put you off smoking, studies suggest
  8. Choose who you hang out with; being around people that don’t smoke is more likely to help you abstain too
  9. Find an alternative to get busy, like chewing gum
  10. Pile up a list of all the reasons that led you to the decision to quit and check back every time that you feel like smoking

Smoking Alternatives

The above are all useful ways to release some of the pressure that comes with stopping smoking, however, these have not worked for most people over the years. Lately, there has been an increase in the people that successfully manage to quit smoking and the following are the main reasons for that:

How Quitting Smoking with Affect You

Remaining a Non-Smoker

Although it is extremely hard to stop smoking, remaining a non-smoker is equally hard or even harder some claim. We cannot emphasize enough how great it is to get rid of this habit, but by finding new ways to overcome stress, rewarding yourself, talking to friends and health professionals from Golf Road Pharmacy Deal Kent, and developing new positive habits is the only way to maintain your status! Reach out if you are unsure from where to start your journey towards quitting smoking.