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High blood pressure

Hypertension is the official name that describes high blood pressure, resulting from the blood forcing onto the arteries, creating a potential for certain diseases. Blood is generally regulated by two factors, namely the heart pumps that release it and the resistance flow in the arteries. If these two are not regulated in a balanced way, high blood pressure is the outcome with potential for stroke and more. Keep reading for further details into hypertension, symptoms, treatments and more.

Causes of Hypertension

Although most diseases carry a range of types, high blood pressure has two main ones:

Further, it is important to note that there are certain risk factors that affect the likelihood of suffering from high blood pressure, as age, race, family history, weight, lack of exercising and more.

Complications & Possible Outcomes of High Blood Pressure

When your arteries continually experience increased pressure, damage can be caused to your blood vessels and organs. If hypertension is not treated, any of the following complications become more likely to appear:

Alarming Symptoms

Unfortunately, high blood pressure is not linked to any specific symptoms or signs that could alert you. In many instances, people suffering for particularly high levels of blood pressure experience headaches, nosebleeds and inability to breathe. Nevertheless, these are often occurring when the patients are already near death.

Getting Tested Regularly by Your Doctor

Therefore, the only way to ensure that your blood pressure levels aren’t spiking is to visit your doctor regularly. People often get tested routinely after 18, but especially for adults of 40 or over, an annual routine check is a must.

How We Can Help People with High Blood Pressure

We have thousands of patients weekly and as a result we encounter many people that suffer from high blood pressure. There are certain medications that are often employed to treat hypertension:

Although there is no cure for hypertension, maintaining your blood pressure levels is not hard. It is important to checked regularly and always reach out to us - Golf Road Pharmacy - for the right medication to treat it. Lastly, keep in mind that your lifestyle, food choices and smoking habits are also amongst the risk factors, which you could manage on your own and control your blood pressure.