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Wing Yap - Pharmacist Manager

Wing Yap has studied Biochemistry at Bradford University, where he also completed an MA at Pharmaceutical Science. Getting into the role of the pharmacist from his first year out of college, 19 years ago, he acquired hands-on experience when it comes to managing prescriptions, communicating with healthcare providers and maintaining a personal relationship with his clients to ensure that they followed the guidelines to the letter. Following, Wing Yap moved to the role of Assistant Pharmacy Manager, whereby he acquired in-depth experience in filling and dispensing medication, assisting clients, managing inventory and stuff. Today, he is working as a Pharmacy Manager at GolfRoad Pharmacy, supervising all pharmacy staff members, hiring and training further to expand the team, liaising with physicians and patients to ensure correct dosage and avoid negative interactions, as well as promoting our services amongst other things. Alongside his services to our clientele, he has been advocate of Immunization, where he has been presenting his work on various events, including the yearly Community Health Week.