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Weight Loss

Studies have shown that more people die today from being obese, rather from starving – which is a bittersweet reality. WHO estimates near 2 billion people to be overweight, with a third of them being obese. The latter carries huge significance, as obesity is related with various leading causes of death. The solution? Losing weight and becoming active.

But weight loss is not a smooth sail, as it requires consistency, self-control and a lot of restrain all of which are elements that we take into account when approaching this topic and providing you with certain solutions.

Obesity Related Issues

Obesity is not just concerning due to the way that it affects the appearance but because of the implication to our health. First off, obese people tend to suffer from poor mental health and lower quality of life. Also, it is associated with numerous alarming death causes, including some cancer types, heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

Further, the obesity epidemic has terrible implications to our economy, as it results to repeated visits, treatments and surgeries that required resources of the healthcare system.

Weight Loss Tips

If you are at a point in your life where you feel that you need to loss weight and get rid of some extra pounds, then there is an abundance of support online. Starting off with some simple tips:

Exercising is also a great way to burn calories and motivate yourself to lose weight. It is not essential to lose weight, but it is often associated with a healthier lifestyle.

Medical Solutions to Losing Weight

Losing weight naturally by changing your diet and lifestyle is always the best approach. Nevertheless, people suffering from obesity are also more likely to end up with obesity-related diseases. In such cases, there are a few other ways that you could initially approach weight loss:

Weight Loss App

If you think that none of the above is the right approach for you, but still need to lose weight, then we got one more solid solution – our very own weight loss app. You can download it today on the App Store or Google Play Store and enjoy the following features:

  1. Track your calories intake
  2. Check how many calories you burn per day
  3. Get tips on how to eat and what foods would help you lose weight
  4. Record how you are doing according to the goals you set
  5. Learn skills that will help you stick to your weight

If you combine our app with some lifestyle changes, then you are likely to succeed. When on a diet, people lose 0.5kg – 1.5kg per week due to loss of weight, which is considered by our app when suggesting that you can lose between 2kg and 3kg per week by sticking to our tips and your goals.