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Deborah Harris - Dispenser

Deborah Harris is a working professional with over 15 years of experiencing, completing several courses after graduating from college; including Inspection and Testing of Equipment, Classroom Assistant, Teaching Assisting, Medicine Counter Assistance, Level 2 Retail Skills and Pharmacy Dispensing. The latest courses paved the way to long-standing career into the pharmaceutical sector, starting as a point of contact for GP surgery and then moving into a Pharmacy Dispenser role for a pharmacy in Leeds. For the past two years, Deborah has been working as a dispenser for GolfRoad Pharmacy, managing the outsourcing of prescriptions and their labels in a compliance fashion, providing retail services and referring to health care providers, liaising with the public, pharmacists and doctors, promoting healthier lifestyle, carrying out admin tasks and handling cash. Besides meeting her weekly and monthly targets, while maintaining our customers satisfied, Deborah has also been involved with vaccine and healthy eating charities that strive to improve the well-being of people worldwide.