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GolfRoad Pharmacy is in operation since 2006, catering to individuals that require health and medical services. Providing over the counter products, but also through our own online presence, our team is always aiming to provide the best customer experience and answer any questions that might appear.

We work in alignment with local and national healthcare providers and institutions, offering a range of services.

Drugs That you Can Buy Online From GolfRoad Pharmacy

There are numerous drugs that you can shop online from us, with many of them not even listed on our website. You can always contact us for details, while the following is an overview of the products that most customers want to buy:


You can Nizagara 100 mg online from us with the tap of the button. It assists in the treatment of male impotence and comes in a tablet form. There is available in different forms and strengths too, with clear guidelines on how to take it.


Based on sildenafil medication, Silagra helps treat erectile dysfunction, by improving the blood flow inside the pennis. We provide this drug with instructions on how to consume it, as well as details on its effects. For an overview, you can take it for an effect of up to 5 hours, with the recommending dose being 50 – 100 mg.


As part of the phosphodiesterase type 5 drugs, Suhagra can also assist in the treatment of men with erectile disfunction. It should be taken one hour before sex, ideally, offering a lasting effect of up to 24 hours. Other drugs that help with similar health problems, which you can buy online from GolfRoad Pharmacy include Vardenafil, Kamagra Oral Jelly, Vidalista, Aurogra, Viagra, Fildena, Cipla Tadacip, and Prigily Pills.

Avodart Generic

Men suffering from prostatic hyperplasia face numerous issues, such as urination flow and hesitation. Avodar Generic is the ideal medication to treat your enlarged prostate, which also helps with hair loss. You can buy it online today from our store.


Certain infections of the body that originate from parasites can be treated using Stromectol. We offer this drug over the counter, which helps with river blindness and threadworms. Such infections usually begin from the skin and eyes, so contact us if you notice any relevant symptoms.


Similarly to the above, Amoxil is ideal in treating bacterial infections, including the common cold and flu. When combined with other medications it can also help ulcers, pneumonia and other infections.


People suffering from asthma and other respiratory diseases could potentially benefit from Ventolin, which assists in clearing the way and offering better airway flow to the lungs. You can also order refills of this medication from us, online.


Part of the Loop diuretic drugs, Lasix assists in treating edema and swelling caused by a range of medical conditions and diseases. In certain cases, it can also assist patients with hypertension.


Patients that suffer from seizures and epileptic episodes can greatly benefit from Neurontin. We offer this drug online and over the counter, which is suitable for treating episodes and not as a holistic medication. It also has other uses, like relieving pain and treating other central nervous system disorders.


As part of the family of drugs known as Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators, Clomid can help with infertility. It is often prescribed to treat ovulatory dysfunction and therefore establish better chances for women to get pregnant.


Alcoholism is a very common disorder, which can be treated by certain medications, like Antabuse. It is classified amongst the Psychiatry Agents drugs, while it is often combined with psychotherapy and supportive treatment.


Treating arthritis, skin and eye diseases, cancer, beathing problems and allergies, amongst other things, Prelone is an often prescribed drug that assists in different fronts. It is an Adrenocortical steroid that can be ideal for treating different disorders and diseases, which can be purchased online too.


Discovered in 1980s and produced by Pfizer, Zithromax is an antibiotic that can be used as treatment to both adults and children. It treats bacterial infections, skin and ear infections and more. It is also effective against a few inflammatory diseases.


One of the FDA-approved medicines that require prescriptions, it can help with treating breast cancer. It is part of the SERM drugs, which block the oestrogen activity in the breast.

Other Services of Our Online Pharmacy

The above drugs, along with a range of other prescription and over the counter products can be purchased online or through our physical location. We can help you treat a range of medical conditions, diseases and disorders, while we can also act as mediators into finding the help that you need. Besides drugs, we provide a range of other services including:

  1. Wellness Classes – Helping you overcome a range of issues, including losing weight, quit smoking, treating asthma, high blood pressure and diabetes. Our team is at hand to provide you with the medication, tools and support that you need
  2. Resources – Our coupons, news and information about a range of medications is always at hand on our site
  3. Services – Immunizations and vaccines are areas that we strongly support, as working against battling medical nonadherence. We provide a range of services to help battle the above and more
  4. Healthy Lifestyle – Any question that you have in regards to vitamins and food choices, our team is at hand to help resolve any concerns and doubts