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Medication Services

GolfRoad Pharmacy is a an accredited bill Medicare B for a number of services, which we are happy to provide to customers that visit our local store or people who reach online for help and support.

We see over 1,500 people per week, catering different services to cover the needs of each individual to the fullest. Below, we will list some of the medication services that we provide, so you know for what you can rely on us.

Over the Counter Meds

A range of products can purchased over-the-counter at our pharmacy or online, without the need for a prescription by a doctor. Our team of healthcare experts can advise on dosage, side-effects and how to use the following drugs, as well as the benefits and uses of each:

Other Medication Services

Further, you can find a range of other products and services through our online and physical store:

Cards, Gifts & Personal Needs Items

The above all fall pretty much within our expertise, while some further services being also available at GolfRoad Pharmacy.

Lastly, if you are buying a gift to someone or just want to share a positive message, you can buy one of our greeting cards. For anything you need, don’t hesitate to visit our store or reach to us online!