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Job Openings: Pharmacist

We are currently hiring a full-time Pharmacist position at our main location.

The successful candidate will be able to handle shifts from Monday to Friday, following the rota pattern:

Support will be at hand by an experienced team of Pharmacists and Assistant Pharmacists. We are dispensing around 1,000 items per week, which highlights that the role is demanding. We also offer supervised consumption, DDS packs, NHS and Private PGD services.

The location of the Pharmacy is great, being accessible through various transportation routes.

Role Expectations

If you are employed as a Pharmacist with us, you will be caring excellently about the customers and patients, which requires more than dispensing. You will have to listen and attend to others, providing expert advice and reassurance.

What you will Receive

This role is at the centre of our business. We understand how important your job is to us and our customers, which is why we are offering a range of incentives to only find the best pharmacists:

What to do Next?

See our GolfRoad Pharmacy websites to get an overview of our services and locations.

By working with us, you will also gain the opportunity to further proceed in your career, as we are continually training our staff members and offer opportunities to move into more of a managerial role. We are also opening new locations regularly, which also creates new opportunities for you.

However, it all starts with you, the work that you do and the care that you provide to our customers. If this role feels like something you are interested in, you would need the following to be considered:

For this role, we will also run DBS/PVG check, although these matters are also up to discussion prior to moving on with our decision. To apply, you can send us your CV at [email protected].