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Vaccines save lives year after year, as immunization has been globally achieved on multiple fronts. By lowering the risk of infection from certain diseases, mitigating the symptoms of contracting them or removing the risk of infection all together, immunization through vaccines has helped eradicate or remove any alarming danger from numerous diseases.

Today, there are over twenty vaccines to address diseases that would otherwise take lives, improving the longevity and quality of lives of people worldwide. Nevertheless, many people worldwide are not immunized against life-threating diseases, due to accessibility issues. This includes over 20 million infants, creating a risk for further spreading of diseases that we could otherwise eradicate. Reach out for help through email or phone, while you can keep reading for more information on immunization.

How to Achieve Immunization

Immunization is achieved naturally with most diseases, like the flu. An individual contracts the virus, the immune system responds to fight off the disease while being sick, which results in the development of antibodies against that disease. The result is that you will not experience the disease at an equal force in the future or you might even be immune to it.

Nevertheless, some diseases are life-threatening or affecting your body in ways that are better to be avoided. For such diseases, scientists strive to develop vaccines that mimic the way that natural immunization occurs. For instance, a vaccine replicates the virus, inducing its inactive parts into the body. This process tricks the body into producing the immunity cells that will offer protection against the actual disease, without the need to experience it.

Pretty much all vaccines operate under the above premise, with some differentiations being apparent that establishes the following vaccine categories:

Diseases that We Are Immune To

By affecting the immune system of those that take them, vaccines create resistance against diseases. The main diseases that can be prevented today through vaccination, with some achieving 100% immunization include:

You can receive your vaccine right here. Some vaccines are also underway, which are aimed to prevent diseases like Malaria and Ebola. However, it is paramount to mention that not everyone needs to get a vaccine for the aforementioned diseases, as some are prevalent on specific locations only. Still, if you are planning to travel abroad, it is good to reach out to get informed about any vaccines that you could potentially need.

Covid-19 Immunization

Immunization has become more central than ever, as the recent pandemic has impacted every individual and country in the world. Vaccines and immunity where considered things that would not really matter to 1st world countries, but reality shows otherwise.

A simple call or by reaching out will give you the chance to learn more about how to acquire immunization and protection from Covid-19 and the aforementioned diseases. We can help you book your vaccine appointment, provide self-tests and more.