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Judy Smith - Delivery driver

Judy Smith has been working as a delivery driver at GolfRoad Pharmacy for over five years. She has studied in the Banshell Driving Academy in Glasgow, which was followed up by a Certificate of Professional Competence in 2009. Since then, she has worked as a delivery driver for Dominos, as a Taxi driver and an Uber self-employed worker. She understands well the importance of treating all people with respect and safety, she is punctual and follows all guidelines related to driving safely for herself, others and the environment. As a delivery driver for our Pharmacy, she has been trained to adhere to the requirements that are involved when carrying certain types of medication, including the temperature and smoothness of the ride. Recently, Judy has also incorporated an on-board computer that helps her track the orders and complete them in-time. Besides being one of the most health-conscious and active members of our team, Judy employs GPS as no one else, ensuring that you will never have to contact her to find you.