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Affecting over 25 million people in the US alone, Asthma is a lung disease that can make your life significantly harder to manage. By inducing inflammation on your airways, naturally narrowing the breathing space, you will struggle breathing if suffering from it. Why not learn how to treat Asthma and avoid chronic respiratory problems by reading what our expert team suggests?

What is Asthma?

Asthma is a respiratory condition that can lead you to the ER very often if left untreated. You could be suffering from Asthma if your bronchial tubes are inflamed, carrying extra sticky secretions. Common symptoms of asthma are the inflamed airways, tightened or mucus filled. In detail:

The above highlight the main symptoms and feel of asthma, with some further problems being possible when someone is not treated: Coughing, wheezing, breathing shortage, chest pain and sleeping problems.

How is Asthma Treated?

Although each asthma patient might experience slightly different symptoms, the vast majority will notice some of the above. Further, asthma attacks increase the severity of symptoms, which can also vary on how they affect each person. Before we get into the treatment methods, below we review the main types of asthma:

Unfortunately, there is no one-off treatment for asthma. Patients usually learn to live with it, by treating their symptoms regularly through the following:

There are two main types of inhalers, the reliever, which are often blue, and the preventer. The first are used to treat your symptoms when they appear, while the latter is employed daily to reduce airway inflammation and sensitivity. Your doctor will advise on the best approach, while the preventer inhalers are more often provided to patients that require the reliever more than three times a week.

Get Help From Us

If you feel that none of the above have helped you address your asthma symptoms, Ventolin inhaler and Advair Diskus online can be ordered directly from GolfRoad Pharmacy. These are considered some of the best long-term solutions for treating asthma. Check back often our Asthma information page, as we are striving to provide you with the most up to date medications and solutions to help you address your symptoms.